About Runaland Global

Runaland Global aims to provide you with an unbeatable result for your media project. With our wealth of experience in the creative fields we have brought together a strong team of industry professionals specialising in Food and Travel. Working closely with our clients we are well equipped to coordinate any aspect of your project; from assembling production crew, researching locations and sourcing equipment to post production, we craft our team of industry professionals to form a tailor-made troop for each project based on our clients' needs.

What we can offer

Our experience in international and cross culture communication allows us to help our clients realise their ideas and bring them to life on a global platform. We build strong connections with consumers for every campaign using our knowledge of current trending and influential media, as well as digital marketing, social media campaigns and contacts in the creative and corporate worlds.

We offer production for television, commercials & magazine editorials / advertising including short videos for social media campaigns. We are also experienced in artist / model casting and event management. Our years working with fine food and travel gives us the fantastic opportunity to offer serv